Midterms – already?!

As unbelievable as it may seem, my first set of midterms is already upon me and I’m studying hard for them. As to be expected, I’ve had a huge amount of reading and a tremendous amount of other work. With the exception that my personal life is so chaotic (will someone please wave a magic wand and make it go away), I am really enjoying the experience. Just the same, I’ll be glad to make it to the end of this week – when my first two midterms will have been completed.

Again, this past week was extremely busy and I had far too much to do (besides UCR). I would greatly like to devote 100% of my time to UCR but, alas, that is not currently possible. As I’ve previously reported, all of my classes are fascinating and, fortunately, they take turns frying my brain each week (I wonder if they’re planned this way).

While I’ve got to get back to other matters, I did want to mention that one of the most fascinating things I’ve noted about my personal experiences at UCR (besides meeting a lot of extremely fascinating and  intelligent people) is that my perspective of the way in which I look at my studies is very different from when I was younger. Sure, I’m a lot older and wiser (hopefully) but that has also given me a very different view of the material discussed in most of my classes – I have far more biases and experiences to draw upon which makes everything so much more relevant. As an undergrad, as well as a grad student (twenty years ago), many things which seemed entirely theoretical are now much more than that.

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